Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Suite Life of Kristy

Posted by Kristy

The big news in my life is that I've officially moved from my friend Sara's futon in Kirkland to a house near Coulon Beach in Renton. I was pretty shocked when I first heard that my bedroom that I was moving into would be empty. Gone were the magical days in Provo where crappy mattresses and cinder blocks were available in abundance. Luckily I have some great co-workers and managers and they hooked me up with some stuff, but that blog entry will come later. After work I was on my way to drive off when my manager stopped me and offered me our hotel to stay in while I get situated. So for the past few days this has been my life....for FREE!!

Yeah, the bed in my King Suite is even more comfy than it looks.
Whoever said "the best things in life are free" was very right.

Also my boss said that staying in the hotel would help me to better understand the experience that our guests have when they stay with us. I think I'll tell him that I'll need another week of free hotel life to really get the concept. I'm just a slow learner.


  1. How "Suite!" Ha Ha! I'm such a cornball sometimes. That's awesome! I hope you are livin' it up!

  2. Oh how you crack me up. So if I come visit, do I have to sleep on your apartment floor or can you give me a "suite" hook-up?

  3. Uh yeah, tell him you may need two weeks, and friends and family to visit to truly appreciate the experience....

  4. I'm sure there are cockroaches in your room