Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

Posted by Kristy

This year for Halloween I was excited about our idea for our costume. Yes, it's been done before many times but not very well. I gathered lots of information online and put way too many man hours into creating my masterpiece. My craft skill level rivals a preschooler so I'm grateful to my Aunt Julie and my mom for helping me with this year's ensemble. I'm so extremely proud of my costume that I'm going to break it down piece by piece and show you how it all came together. Prideful? Yeah probably, but I teach early morning seminary so I'm good.

The eyes were made out of styrofoam balls that we hollowed out with a pairing knife (miraculously nobody was injured in his process). We then glued a black netting material that helped so that we had a tiny bit of visibility.

This side shows our hard work much better. Julie helped me carve out the eyes and hot glue the netting in. I learned a few lessons that day: 1. I hate styrofoam 2. Super glue dissolves styrofoam. 3. Don't buy super glue that is industrial strength and takes 14-24 hours to work. 4. I hate super glue.

Check out this thing of beauty! Julie and I made this out of poster board, quilt batting and a whole lot of spray paint. We were most proud of how we got it to have the signature lean.

I found these babies at Value Village for like $8 and they were in my size and everything! Are they not completely perfect for the costume?

This started out as a much larger shirt but it was the perfect yellow and with the sewing skills of my mother in law I had a skin-tight yellow shirt. 

This was my dress that we sewed into a tube and by "we" I mean my mother. I did buy the fabric though.

 We had to use copious amounts of this stuff to give us the correct skin color. There were yellow hand prints all over our apartment, it was very Tobias-like.

I found this necklace at Value Village, and with a little spray paint it was perfect. This picture was taken after our party and the yellow paint had already contaminated everything.

I think I found the yellow tights at Value Village but can't remember and used the white tights to tone down the yellow to match everything/keep me warm. 

Trevor got yellow all over his costume so this was the only piece I could show you. It's a yellow swim cap with pipe cleaners for the hair. 

Here is the costume all together, presenting Marge and Homer Simpson. 

 This shows you how yellow we were. We made Homer's beard out of dark cheap foundation.

We were pleased with how it all turned out. We won best costume at our party and we also won best dish for our graveyard dessert. It was pretty awesome, but next year we're choosing an easier costume. 

Dirt dessert with Mint Milano tombstones and peep ghosts


  1. You've taken your Simpsons obsession to a whole new level. That was awesome

  2. I am more proud of you than I ever thought possible

  3. One of the best costumes that I have ever seen. The dedication to detail is super impressive. and I know about the makeup year Emily painted herself purple to be Ursula the seawitch and it was everywhere!!

  4. Wow! I hope the costume prize at your ward party was a new car or a boat or something of similar value because you deserve it. Then again, homemade ribbons are nice too. That is awesome!! Can't wait to see the Tobias-like hand prints. Please don't clean them off til we get to see them! I bow to you...

  5. You beat me! I am proud and bitter all at the same time. I bow at your feet and hand over the trophy. Its a ken doll I spray painted gold. I made it for myself. I will have it back next year. mwah ha ha ha ha!

  6. Amazing! You thought of everything.

  7. YAY! You finally won after all those years of disappointment! Loved the cap idea for Homer's hair, brilliant!

  8. You guys are so creative and die hard! Hilarious! I bet it felt so good to clean up at the end of the night--I would have been so itchy. Love it. daishan

  9. That is awesome. Simpsons will always remind me of you :)