Monday, December 17, 2012


Posted by Trevor

It wasn't too long ago that Cameron was shipped off to Colombia to meet certain death.  Armed only with un poco de español and some surprisingly-useless Starcraft skillz, he somehow managed to survive for two full years.  Kristy and I recently traveled to Utah to see his homecoming and make fun of his struggling English skills.

Also, to celebrate Cameron coming back in one piece, we thought it would be a good idea to tempt fate once again and hurtle ourselves down a mountain at high speeds on a zip-line.

Because Kristy has proven time and again that she's clearly immune to death

We had an awesome time, sustaining only minor injuries (those harnesses are only slightly more comfortable than a kick to the nards).  Afterwards, we decided that we better get a family picture of us boys before we all get fat and weird-looking.

Not weird-looking yet

Shortly after our we're-glad-Cameron-actually-made-it-home trip, we packed our bags once more for Utah and celebrated Thanksgiving together again with my family.  I still think the best part of every Thanksgiving is the guilt-free gluttony.

A wonderful American tradition

In other news, I finally dumped my old car.  (The same one that I brought to Washington with me a few years back.)  The years hadn't been kind to my '96 Civic.  It had some cosmetic issues (awful paint job; huge chunk of Bondo falling off on one side; big gashes on the passenger door; no radio; no A/C; smelled like rotten milk; some of the doors didn't lock), some mechanical issues (inaccurate speedometer; failing clutch; failing transmission; failing brakes), and some emotional issues (it was ugly and had no friends).  I replaced the car with something more appropriate for a Northwesterner:

Subaru Impreza!!!

I guess this means I'm an official Washington resident now.  Pretty soon, you should expect to see me hugging trees, voting Democrat, and embracing a gluten-free and/or vegan diet.


  1. Don't forget smoking legalized pot. Totally impressed with the zip lining. I sometimes think of Kristy when I watch the movie Big Fish, where he finds out when he will die so he knows he will survive everything else. I think Kristy might already know the end and just gets to live up every moment until then. Super awesome...

  2. Nice yuppie car. Okay, maybe I'm a little jealous... But it's still a Subaru.

  3. I love it when Trevor posts. I love it when Kristy posts too, but I don't get to see as many Trevor posts and they are special