Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Best Things in Life are FREE

Posted by Kristy

Some of you would think with a title like this that I would post about all of the wonderful free things in life I'm thankful for like flowers, sunshine and rainbows. But those of you that know me know that this will not be the case. Plus I live in Seattle, and we don't see sunshine or rainbows. No, this entry is all about how much I love to get FREE stuff. Of course I know I'm not alone in my love of all things FREE but lately I've been getting all kinds of FREE things at work, and I thought I would share my joys with all of you.

1. A few weeks ago Jimmy Johns sandwiches stopped by to give us 6 FREE mini sample subs and some coupons. It was awesome.

2. This last week I was 2/2 for having guests bring me dinner. One of my meals was from a guest who went to the Cheesecake Factory and ordered too many avocado egg rolls and potstickers...Yeah, I know. Can you say, delicious FREE food??

3. I have had guests bring me dessert from restaurants, which include a pazookie from "BJ's" and apple pie with ice cream from "The Keg."

4. Every time a guest orders a pizza from this new place called "The Pizza Palace" they send the front desk a small pizza. Once again, awesome. Though unfortunately their ads look real ghetto and they call themselves "The Pizza Palace" so they don't get a whole lot of business.

5. I refer a lot of people to "The Keg" and yesterday I learned that they actually know who I am. I dropped a guest off to pick up her food, but it wasn't ready yet so we went inside. The manager recognized I was from "Springhill Suites" and even more that my name was "Kristy" so he hooked me up with a free drink and thanked me for all of the guests that I send him. It was fantastic, nothing like praise and free drinks to make you feel great.

So really I've decided that it's mainly free FOOD that I love getting. Of course getting anything free is usually a great thing, but I especially love free food. I'll end with a favorite clip of mine that shows that Homer Simpson feels the same way I do about FREE things. Thanks to Trevor for getting me this clip, who knew that computer engineers would be so useful??

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  1. You gotta love free food! Is there no end to your Marriott perks?