Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Why You Should Google Yourself More Often

Posted by Kristy

Before I get into my bizarre story I have to explain why I have two Facebook profiles. I made my first one at BYU when we still had the "@email.byu.edu" email addresses. I had that Facebook account forever but one day it said that my password no longer worked. Unfortunately by that point in time BYU had done away with that format of email so I was out of luck. I tried emailing Facebook to even just shut it down but eventually I just gave up. Now I have two accounts, "Kristy Earl" is still single and in Provo while "Kristy Earl Lacey" is married and in Seattle. It's annoying.

Anyways, the other day after performing some Dry Ice tricks at a science fair I was featured in the local Snohomish paper. The best part was that one the kids asked me if I was Bill Nye's sister. It made my day. The next day I decided I was going to Google myself to see if I had any other press with Mad Science. You might remember my first post about Googling myself and finding out I was a character in a horror movie (CLICK HERE).
So I typed in "Kristy Earl Lacey" and the first result was my blog but the second result was much more interesting.

Apparently there is some blog called Mormon Bachelor Pad and the writers of the blog are anonymous. Someone else created a blog that seems to be built solely for the purpose of discovering the "Mormon Bachelor Pad" writer's true identities. The blog was called "exposembp.blogspot.com." All right stay with me, it's about to get interesting.

So I scroll down this blog and I'm wondering what my name has to do with this randomness. I found my answer in the comment section. (My thoughts will be in red)

Anonymous said...

lisa sanders = kristy earl. facebook her

So I'm thinking, "I'm sure it's another Kristy Earl, because I've never heard of any of this before." Then I see this comment...

Anonymous said...

What makes you think she is Kristy Earl?

and this one...
Anonymous said...

...cause it is kristy earl

The Lady Girl said...

Kristy Earl's facebook is private. And says she graduated BYU in 04. Is she really that old? Sanders must be clueless if she didn't get that he was talking about her in those blog posts. He is pretty descriptive about their activities. I bet she doesn't want him to know that she knows and I'm sure she is very good at playing Jake's game.

Okay so now I'm kind of thinking that it's possible they are talking about me. My Facebook profile is private but I graduated High School in '04 not BYU so I'm still unsure. Then I see this..

Anonymous said...

did anyone else notice that it said ireland on her shirt?

My old Facebook profile was a picture of me from Aspen Grove in my "Ireland" quidditch uniform. Yes, we invented a way to play quidditch and yes it was awesome.
Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Jake said she was a bit older but I think he meant around 28 or 29. So I guess she could have graduated in 2004. She does look sporty...and I think he said she was sporty once.

Nothing screams "sporty" like a make-shift Ireland quidditch costume.

February 11, 2010 6:37 PM

She really does have an Ireland shirt! And that is the mission she supossedly went on!

At this point I'm thinking, "Woh, they really are talking about me!" And it just keeps getting better...
Anonymous said...

I don't think this Kristy Earl girl is Sanders...because if you look up Kristy Earl Lacey I'm pretty sure it's the exact same girl but she is married she probable just made a new fb page. Sorry!

Okay yep, they're definitely talking about me...

Anonymous said...

Okay so, I looked at Kristy Earl's facebook and searched for the names from this comment on MBP: "it will be impossible to stay anonymous. You've already shared way too much info.
I'm sure you are one of these guys or they would know
David Bruce, Brian Early, Jared Kinnard, Joseph Rowley, Michael Rushworth.
If I cared who you were I could look these guys up on facebook and figure it out."

She is friends with "Brian James Earley"
"Jared Kinnard" and "Michael Rushworth"

What does this mean, who are these people?

Yes, I know all of those guys and we know each other from the mission.

Anonymous said...

I'm friends with 2 guys that Kristy is friends with on FB...Brian Early, and another guy. That would be too weird if it was Brian Early...i totally know him--and he did serve his mission in Ireland, these facts are freaking me out. It would just be too weird!

So funny.

Drake said...

@Anonymous 4:05
Those are all names from the Dublin Mission of people who served in Dublin during the time frame that Jake says he served. Kristy Earl served in Dublin, so it makes sense she'd be friends with those guys.

That's assuming they MBP actually did serve in Dublin.

February 16, 2010 2:35 PM

Kristy Earl has a facebook friend named "Sandra Landers"

Anonymous said...

Love it! Good luck!!
FYI Kristy Earl has the same mutual friends as I do as the Kristy Earl Lacey, totally same girl

So yes, apparently about a year ago I was the prime suspect for the secret identity of the person they call "Lisa Sanders." Weird huh? It isn't over yet though. This next find isn't just the comments on the blog it's the actual post. (I'll put her post in blue)


Wow. My last post stimulated a lot of discussion. I like it. I think if we keep pounding away at these guys, eventually we'll figure this out.

I wish people would post using their real id's or something so I could ask follow up questions privately. An anonymous commenter said that Kristy Earl is Lisa Sanders. I looked Kristy up on Facebook and sent her a message last week asking if she was familiar with MBP, but I didn't get a message back.

Then I got an email from someone who didn't sign the email and they sent two images that appear legit, but could be doctored.
The first photo is a screen shot of the regular Facebook search for Kristi Earl. I'm pretty sure the second photo is of Kristi's photos. One of the photo's is the same one on the other photo. So, that means even though they have different names, they must be the same Kristy. So that means Kristy Earl is now married.

I got a follow up comment after receiving this email from the an anonymous commentor (maybe the same one) who said that they are the same Kristy and that she's married. So I guess it isn't Lisa Sanders. However, that doesn't change the fact that Kristy Earl served in the same mission as Calvin and Jake the same time they were there, right? So even if Kristy isn't Lisa, she still knows the authors of MBP, doesn't she?

Plus I think Kristy is way too pretty to be dating either Calvin or Jake. Unless, Drake is right (another commenter) and that Jake and Calvin are really good looking guys. But still, Kristy is married and is probably was not recently dating Jake.

In closing, I hope Kristy is ok with me posting these photos. I never heard back from her. Kristy, if you read this and object to me posting these photos, please tell me and I'll take them down. I felt safe putting them up, though, since it's all accessible on Facebook already. And I didn't say anything hurtful about you or anything.

Can you even believe it? I was the center of a Mormon Blog conspiracy and I didn't even know it. Funny how I get sent a Facebook message that I will never be able to open. My favorite part was this "Then I got an email from someone who didn't sign the email and they sent two images that appear legit, but could be doctored." Okay, a little creepy with the whole random photo sending and whatnot but I thought it was mostly just bizarre and funny. I love how they were trying to figure out if "Kristy Earl" and "Kristy Earl Lacey" were two different people. Hilarious. I advise you all to Google yourselves and see what internet gems you find.


  1. Fantastically weird. Further proof that single mormons have WAY too much time on their hands.

  2. This is the best thing I have read in a long time. This type of thing would only happen to you. Gotta love the part where she said you were to pretty to be dating those guys. Haha. This made me so happy.

  3. That is so freakin crazy!!!

  4. hahaha so awesome. i googled myself and apparently i eat a lot of sub sandwiches and also own a jewelry store.

  5. That is so sweet! but that girl needs a life and a boyfriend. When I google myself all I get are results for some other kylie earl whos some type of "music prodigy". I hate her.

  6. this was so fantastically confusing! I can't even believe how freaky it is. i thought it was so funny that she put out there that she hoped it was ok that she had posted your pics and such just in case you read it! did you comment? daishan

  7. Wow, Kristy! This is pretty hilarious, I must say. Who knew that your facebook profiles could breed so much conspiracy! I'm totally googling myself now! =)

  8. I feel bad for whoever the guys that you are too pretty to be dating! They're the ones who should be offended!! Hilarious. Nothing interesting when I searched for myself. I guess the only interesting fact about me is that I am the mysterious Kristy Earl Lacey's mother!

  9. Only you Kristy. Only you. So crazy!