Sunday, February 17, 2013

Slopes and Slots

Posted by Kristy

I realize I haven't yet blogged about our epic Hawaiian adventure, but really, that's Kacey's job, so blame her. In the meantime, Trevor and I have had some non-Hawaiian fun lately, so that's what you get to hear about now.

For the last three years of our marriage, I have unsuccessfully tried to get Trevor out on the ski slopes. It's rather embarrassing that he's never been skiing or snowboarding when--not only did he grow up in Utah--he's from Heber City! Lucky for me, Trevor revealed that when he bought his new car, they were having a ski resort promotion, and we received two seasons passes to both Snoqualmie Ski Resort and Crystal Mountain ski resort. Pretty sweet, huh? So after a few weeks of gathering winter gear (because Jules stole  pilfered was given my old gear), we skipped work and headed out. The first thing we did was go and collect our free season passes. I think this was Trevor's favorite part. Here's why:

Like Kylie, Trevor loves cameras

After my picture, the lady said, "Oh, don't worry; they're like license photos--they never turn out well." I then had to awkwardly tell her that I made that face on purpose. 

After taking pictures, I put Trevor in a lesson, where I'm sure he did a lot of this...

and this... 

and maybe some of this...

Kidding. Trevor's a robot; he never cries. He was exhausted but enjoyed it and promised that we'd go again soon. 

After dosing up on ibuprofen, we headed off to Vegas the next morning to hang with the Nielsen clan along with Brad and Jules.

We started off the trip by taking a tour of the enormous Bass Pro Fishing shop that Jon helped build. It was crazy! They had these enormous fish tanks with crazy huge fish like this: 
Scarlet sizing up her dinner for the night

After seeing the fish and shooting laser rifles in the arcade, we headed over to Hash House for some food. The portions there are enormous: they make the Cheesecake Factory portions look like kids meals. Here's our group with all of our food.  

It's a bit blurry, but you can see how huge the portions were. For example, Trevor is eating a single Snickers pancake.

I ordered the appetizer size of the pork ribs. The food was pretty good. 

Later, we took Scarlet on a big kid trip to see the strip. 

I'm pretty sure all of Kacey's kids are extremely desensitized from living here

The fountains played to "Billie Jean" and they got the waves to moon walk. It's our new favorite performance. 

The next day we headed off to church. Here are the kids in their Sunday best:

I did Asher's hair for church. Of course, it only stayed like this for a few minutes, but it was adorable. Why does Asher have a black eye, you ask? Kacey only gave some vague explanation about him running into a doorknob. (Kidding. It was actually a punching bag accident... which doesn't sound any more credible.) 

Later that day, Trevor and I solidified our spot as the favorite Aunt and Uncle by playing "Candyland" chocolate edition with the kids. It's a cheap paper version of the board game but all of the pieces are chocolate. Here's a video of their joy. 

Take that siblings! We're the favorite now! 

We also drove around the car a lot and videoed Asher performing his latest tricks. 

I'm pretty sure I'm still his favorite

One of the nights, Kacey and Jon got a babysitter and we went out and saw the wonder that is Mystere. 

It was amazing and hilarious, and we loved it. We then headed with Brad and Jules to Serendipity because I had never been before. 

It was yummy, but I was bummed because I wanted to try the Deep-Fried Oreo Sundae, but they were out of it. 

That next day, we said goodbye to Brad and Jules and hit up the buffet at Studio B for lunch. It was pretty good, even though all-you-can-eat places are wasted on me because I'm told I eat like a bird. My favorite part was this...

Kacey came up with the raspberry gelato on top of the chocolate souffle, and it was divine. 

We ended the trip with snuggling at home, watching movies, and a quick game of Headbands (or atleast that's what Scarlet calls it). It's an adorable game where you wear Mickey Mouse ears and have to guess which Disney character is on your forehead. Like this. 

We love visiting the Nielsens and will be back soon.


  1. I kinda miss seeing homer on your blog :) Your ski pass pics are hilarious!!! I'll be referring to this post when we go to Vegas next month for places to eat!

  2. I was so dead set on blogging about Hawaii yesterday... and then Jon pulled out a tree and took our internet line with it. It just wasn't meant to be...

    I think you should come back and see me like... now.

  3. I did not steal/pilfer your snowboarding stuff!!

  4. K, I'm finally caught up on reading your blog posts. You should put me on some kind of email reminder list every time you post something new so I can't forget. Every time I read your blog my kids are asking me what I am laughing about, best part of my day.

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