Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Long Time Ago, We Used To Be Friends

Posted by Kristy

This title perfectly summarizes my trip to Utah. To fully understand it, though, I'm going to need to tell you about something that is near and dear to my heart. That something is a television series called "Veronica Mars." Veronica Mars is a show about a witty, teenage detective.

I first heard about this show from my sister Kacey. It was one of those shows that was seriously awesome, but nobody knew about it. During my last semester in college, my roommate Kari and I got a Netflix 3-disk trial subscription and thought we'd try out this show that my sister told me about. We fell madly in love. Even getting 3 disks at a time was not quick enough for us. We would watch a few episodes, see that it was getting late, and then I'd look at Kari and we'd both agree: "another one." 

Kari and me at BYU

Veronica Mars was on the air for three seasons. They filmed a teaser episode for season four, and then it was cancelled. Like Arrested Development, it's popularity only continued to grow with its cancellation. Then came the amazing idea: the Kickstarter Movie project. Here's the video that started it all. 


Fans hit the $2 million mark in 12 hours. They ended up with $5.7 million dollars. Incredible, right? The fans proved that they would support Veronica Mars, and the Veronica Mars Movie was born.

When my friend Kari found out about the plans to make a Veronica Mars movie, she told me that she would kill me if I saw that movie without her. We learned that the movie came out March 14th, so I booked my ticket to Utah so we could see it together.

The movie was only going to be in select AMC theaters, and the only AMC theater that was showing it was in Layton, Utah. Movie tickets were going on sale a month before, starting on Valentines Day, so I was at work (not working), trying desperately to order my movie tickets. It seemed like Utah was the only state that you couldn't purchase tickets yet. I was worried, so I called up the AMC theater in Layton, UT and I told the lady I would like to purchase some Veronica Mars tickets. She then proceeded to dash my dreams when she told me, "We decided not to show that movie." I talked with her a little bit more to confirm what she said and eventually gave up. I was devastated. I had plane tickets. My plan was ruined. I texted my fellow Veronica Mars movie compatriots and they were as shocked and grief-stricken as I was.

But we weren't going to let a dumb movie theater in Layton ruin our lives, so we chose the next-closest place the movie was showing: Las Vegas. A new plan was formed. Friday night, we drive half-way to Vegas, stay in a hotel, drive the other half, watch the movie, and drive home. It was crazy. We talked my cousin Randi and my sister Kylie into coming with us. Points for being hardcore. So we finalized our new Vegas plans and I purchased tickets at one of the Vegas theaters for the movie. Take that, Layton!

The next day I get a text from my cousin Angie saying that Layton is now selling tickets to the movie. WHAT?! Yeah, it was quite the emotional roller-coaster for me. So I call up my Veronica Mars support group, and we all agree that even though Vegas would be an adventure, it's so much easier to get tickets in Layton, UT. Luckily for me, the theater in Vegas was super cool and refunded my ticket money. Layton was back on.

Also, one of my friends was getting married in a month or so, so we decided to throw her a bridal shower while we were all down in Utah.

I flew in Thursday night and was picked up from the airport by our friends, the Mckennas. We then grabbed some Cafe Rio for dinner and headed home. I hadn't seen the Mckennas for months (they ditched us to join a company in Utah), so it was so much fun to see them again. We had a lot of fun talking, and just catching up on each other's lives. Also, we made snickers fudge for the bridal shower.

The best ever

Mckenna and me 

I pretended to help Kari out with the decor, but she did it all and it looked fantastic. We had such a great time. One of the funnier presents was a his and her set of PooPurri

This was the girl spray. The boy spray was called "Poo-Tonium"

Kari, Michelle (the bride), me, Randi, Susie 

We ate way too much delicious food and had a great time laughing and chatting. I'm glad that I got to be at Michelle's bridal shower. Her fiance is a lucky dude.  Randi and I stayed the night at Kari's house and the next morning met up with my college buddy and old-roommate Jen. 

We hadn't seen each other for 5 years, so we excited for a reunion. We decided to get breakfast at a place called the Tin Roof Grill in Sandy, UT. Randi and I decided to split the biscuits and gravy and it was a bad choice. That was the grossest biscuits and gravy I've ever had. It was a hard piece of bread (not a biscuit) with weird orange-colored gravy. My friends ordered other things and they were way more delicious, so if you ever go there don't make our same mistake. Despite our bad ordering we had a blast and ended up eating and chatting for 2 hours. I love how good friends can just fit right back into your life, even if it's been years since you've seen them. 

I love this picture

After breakfast, we headed back to Kari's and we cleaned up and watched old episodes of Veronica Mars. We also took the Buzzfeed "Which Veronica Mars Character Are You?" None of us got Veronica and I ended up getting Dick Casablancas. That's only funny if you watch the show. 

A few hours later Angie came and picked us up and me, Angie, Kylie, Kari, Randi and Kari's friend Blaire drove to Layton to watch the movie. The drive went by quick and we laughed, and talked Veronica Mars. We were so pumped. 

Greatest day of my life

We picked up our tickets, walked into the theater and immediately fell in love because there were our seats. 

My new favorite theater

That's right, our seats were leather seats that reclined. I can't even describe how happy I was. To watch the greatest movie ever in the greatest seats ever was a dream come true. After the movie ended (which we all loved) we decided that we could just live there and be completely happy. They have restrooms and food, why did we ever have to leave? Eventually we did leave and stopped by Wendy's for some frosty action and some re-capping our favorite parts from the movie. It was great. 

From there I grabbed my luggage from Angie's car and waited like a nomad in Wendy's for my friend Kara to come get me. Kara is one of my mission buddies and I was so excited to hang out with her without having to stop people on the street. We drove to Logan, UT and then got delicious shakes from Charlie's Ice Cream and watched "Stranger Than Fiction." We then talked and laughed for hours and went to bed late. 

Kara and Jake 

It was a lot to fit in one weekend, but I had an awesome time. So much fun to see old friends and to celebrate the greatness that is Veronica Mars. If you're not yet a Veronica Mars fan, then you need to watch it and jump on the bandwagon.


  1. so glad I got to share in the awesomeness of the movie with you! So great. I downloaded the movie the day after and have already watched it a couple more times. Yeah I'm hardcore like that.

  2. What an adventure! It was fun just reading about it!