Friday, September 12, 2008

1st one

Posted by Kristy

I admit defeat. I have officially given in to the world of blogs. I held out for about 5 months but you just can't get away from it. So every once and a while I'll try to update this thing and let you know about the goings on in Provo.

My favorite part of this whole thing was creating my blog name and background. I really like it. My title is a quote from Homer. I also like my html address, man I am just so great. haha.
So first I want to tell you about some odd comments that I received a week or so ago because they're those comments that you really don't know how to take them. So let me know your opinion of them.

1. I work at Rock Canyon Elementary and play games with kids with part of an After School Program (yeah, the sweetest job ever). Well one day the parent's were coming to pick up their kids and one of the mom's stopped and introduced herself to me. She asked me who I was and I talked about her boys and how Spencer beat me at Battleship today. Then she looks at me and says, "Yeah, you look like someone who would get along well with boys." Haha. I just looked confused as she left. Apparently I'm not far enough from the Nerf-war, Dragonstrike-playing tomboy I once was.

2. This came from a friend who was moving out of Provo and on to bigger and better things. We all said goodbye and she said, "Oh and make sure you guys let me know whenever you get engaged...especially you Kristy." Once again, not a normal thing to say.

PROVO LIFE: So Provo probably hasn't changed much over the years but one thing that is "all the rage" these days are themed parties. Kind of like my sweet birthday parties when I was kid and everything would be Aladdin themed or something. Which Aladdin would be one thing but the recent themes are just nuts. The last one I attended, no joke, a flossing party. Oh yes there was dental floss available for all. Sloan (my dentist) would have been psyched. Here's a picture of the party. Of course, I attend all these strange I really am lame.

So I've decided that I can't end this until I tell you the Relief Society President story. Once upon a time, in a condo in Provo... so the Relief Society Presidency came by Sunday afternoon to wake up me and annoy me with questions about myself. So first they saw I owned "She's the Man" (one of my favorites) and commented about it. They didn't believe me that it was based after "12th Night" but of course I was right. When will people ever learn? Anyways, then Ireland was brought up as it usually is and here's the good part. So Nichelle (the president) asked me if I knew an Elder that served in Ireland. I didn't so then she thought for a bit and then said, "Oh, maybe he served in Argentina.." So like any normal person I sarcastically said, "yeah, they are pretty close, easy to mistake". The Relief Society Presidency didn't even crack a smile. Talk about awkward. So I think I must have completely offended them or they think I'm stupid and think that Ireland and Argentina are geographically close. Either way it's a great start to a new ward.


  1. Glad to see you've finally joined the blog world! You are crackin' me up. I love your address. very funny!

    Okay, so if the R.S. Presidency didn't get the sarcasm and laugh, I'm kinda wondering what kind of ward your in...because apparently it's not a very funny one.

    Good thing you have a blog now because I can be up to date on what you crazy single people do. Flossing party---who knew?

  2. Haha love it. At least the rs pres probably won't ask you to serve in the relief society. Haha I laughed so hard thinking about you with a nerf gun. Welcome to blogland. All of those comments were definatly weird.

  3. You should write a blog about when you text people and they don't write you back.

  4. I bet you wish you didn't make those snarky comments now to the RS prez. Cursed for sure.

  5. Wow...they didn't even crack a smile? Awkward!

    and excuse me but a "flossing party"??? seriously? wow!

  6. Welcome, welcome to the wonderful world on blogging. Now I can stalk you!!! ; )

  7. I have also surrendered. I'm holding up my white flag right now! I have to say I'm a little offended by the references to Provo, but other than that I agree with you, people say the funniest things. Your point of view on things is ALWAYS worth reading.