Friday, September 26, 2008

Provo is one classy town...

Posted by Kristy

So my first blog entry didn't go as well as I had hoped. My mom read it and just kept on pointing out various grammatical errors. Maybe that's why my professor didn't enjoy my last paper...or maybe it was the Dumb and Dumber reference I made....So, I didn't have too much to write about until I saw this sign, and the heavens opened, my mind was enlightened, and I knew what I should write. Just kidding. I just saw the sign and laughed really hard.
That's right folks "you can has them". This Sonic is right in the center of Provo, not even in the weird outlying parts or anything. It would have been a sin NOT to take the picture. Those are the kind of things I told the Irish people.

The major sins according to Kristy Earl:

1. Not laughing while watching the Simpsons. (also goes for Arrested Development, but they don't really have that there).

2. Not taking pictures of weird or funny signs.

3. Calling me "Sister My Name is Earl" or singing " Earl Had to Die"- Dixie Chicks...that song haunted me in 8th grade.

So anyways, back to the topic of Provo being a big hick town... So after seeing that superb sign I thought of a particular Simpsons episode. It's a classic. Here's a clip.

My sister Kacey and I love to quote this episode.


I got a new calling. Oh don't worry it's not Activities Committee, Ward Missionary or even Temple Committee it's something that made me say, "really??" to the 1st counselor of the Bishopric. I am a new member of the Music Committee, because I'm so musically talented.

Also, my new nephew Rhode is cute.


  1. That sign is awesome. Apparently someone forgot the first half of "Enter to learn, go forth to serve" and went straight to serving!

  2. You are hilarious!! I just found your blog through Steph's! I loved the comment about the dixie chicks...I will never forget that...especially at the 8th grade dance when they played it...LOL man I loved 8th grade...anyways...hope things are fun in Provo..

  3. Yaaaaaaa Kristy! The name of your blog is totally awesome. I can't believe Prince Philip is in your ward. Give him a big hug for me, and maybe date him....

  4. i've never laughed at a simpsons episode. What are you gonna do about it?


    Just in case your eyes haven't been opened to the twisted sick world of lol cats. Not sure if that's what sonic was going for or not, but either way your picture was really funny.