Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Kids

Posted by Kristy

So I realize I have been a huge slacker in keeping my blog updated. I apologize. I thought I would introduce you to some of my kids who are in my Afterschool Program. It really is the sweetest job ever. A nice example of this was Pirate Week. I decided that this week would be known as pirate week and created a treasure hunt that went all around and outside the school. It was intense, I created 3 different levels of difficulty for the different grade levels. For the treasure we had three different boxes each spray painted in gold that we buried different places on the playground. It was hard digging through those bark chips, I count that as my exercise for the next year or so.

Here's our group picture. I know what you're thinking, and yes I do look good in a mustache.

This is a picture of Timmy, and his brother Spencer. They are the cutest kids. (Their mom was the one that told me that I looked like someone who would get along well with boys.)

So I thought I would share a few stories with you..

1. Liam.
Liam believe it or not, is the name of a little Mexican kid in my class. Maybe I'm too ignorant to know Liam as a Hispanic name, but when hear it I think Irish. He's in Kindergarten and understands most things, but not all things. He proved this when we played a game with a blindfold. The object of the game was to put two kids in a circle, one with a blindfold and the other with a noisemaker. The kid with the blindfold was then spun around until dizzy and they had to try to listen to the noisemaker and tag the other kid. So the game was going well, and Liam really wanted to be the blindfolded kid.
So I put the blindfold on him and Liam starts screaming "Kristy, Kristy I can't see, I can't see!" Then he starts bawling, I take the blindfold off and he says, "Kristy, I don't like that game..." So I just start laughing.
This most likely proves that I'm a terrible person but that was the highlight of my day. I told my friends and family and got some different responses. The majority of those who weren't somehow related to me felt sorry for Liam, and thought I was mean. They were obviously wrong. On the other hand, my relatives thought it was hilarious and laughed when I told them the story. What I learn from that, is you can't trust people who aren't related to you.

Liam is to my right, and while I was posting this I just realized that Liam must have wet his pants that day. Ah, the joys of children.

2. Gracie.

Gracie is my cute little Asian girl. She says some of the greatest things and likes to draw me pictures.

One day at recess we were playing freeze tag and one of my smallest kids named David was frozen and wanted me to unfreeze him. So I have to army crawl under him, and after unfreezing him Gracie just looks at me and says, "Kristy, you need to eat more meat." This coming from the petite Asian girl. Grace, but everyone calls her Gracie.

Another time we were watching "The Bee Movie" (stupid movie), and Gracie was sitting by me. She turned to me and said, "Kristy I wish I were a bee." I asked why she wanted to be a bee and she said, "so I can sting you." Then I told her that if she stung me as a bee she would die, and she responded with, "it would be worth it." Oh my, can you feel the love?


  1. Finally another post! It was so worth the wait!! I laughed hysterically about Liam's pants and that you just now noticed it. That's priceless!!! Better check my blog cuz I tagged you. Love, Mom

  2. By the way. You've got to change your scrolling format cuz it makes the pictures hard to see and we all want to see a good shot of you with a moustache.

  3. Who needs your own children when you have other people's to make fun of?! :)

    I love that we're family!

  4. You crack me up! I laughed hysterically about the blindfolding and that you just noticed Liam's pants. Too funny. And you are right---Liam sounds like an Irish name. I don't think Hispanic name when I hear that. It's just like Daishan---you always think of some African-American girl, not your cute cousin, when you hear that name.