Saturday, November 8, 2008

My 5 Weird Things

Posted by Kristy

Sorry again for taking forever to post, the truth is I just couldn't think of five weird things....... yeah right, more like I had trouble narrowing down all my weirdness to only five things.

1- My first weird thing is that I just never feel good enough. Even though I try so hard I just never feel like I've done my best. I try so hard, but I always feel lacking. My counselor thinks it has something to do with my mom....

Haha, just kidding. I just had to add that because of my mom's blog. Though I am pretty scarred from all my mom's Christmas letters featuring me. I don't know if you remember the "Top 10 Reasons Not to Visit the Earls this Christmas", yeah I was mentioned in about 2 of them and #3 was "Kristy Lives Here." But anyways, on to the true number one.

I enjoy being in a costume. Okay, so maybe that's not that weird and maybe I just wanted an excuse to put my Halloween pictures up. It's true though, I do enjoy dressing up. So I actually had two costumes this year.

So if you can't tell, we did the clue character idea and I was Mrs. White. I decided that Mrs. White was old, my hair was pretty sick that night!
(left to right: Mr. Green and Miss Scarlett, Mrs. White and Colonel Mustard, Ms. Peacock and Professor Plum.)

So that day we also had a Halloween party at my school and I didn't have time to whiten my hair, so I figured that coming as a maid was just a little bit too prostitute-ish for my kids. So I threw together this little number at DI.

Yeah I called myself "Super Kristy" and the kids seem to like it. My favorite part was my cape, I found this dress and cut it in half. Impressive eh?

I have the wimpiest feet ever. Honestly I am such a wuss. My friends will always try to get to wear their shoes but they just hurt. It really sucks, my friends will be fine and I'm in super soft heels and my feet are all cut up. I'm already getting ready to start sporting some Rockports, because the way I'm headed I'm going to need them.

I still enjoy watching cartoons. I know it's really nerdy but I just still like cartoons. Example, I was over at Kacey and Jon's watching the ever popular "Backyardigans" with Scarlet and I was much more into it than she was. I just had to fight out if they got away from the gooey monster. I know, I'm sad.

I fall asleep WAY too easily in a moving vehicle, whether I'm driving or not. While in Ireland we had to ride the bus a lot and honestly, we would be on there for 5 minutes and I would already be asleep. And not just like "fall asleep in class asleep" but hardcore bobbing my head along with the bumpy road kind of sleep. It was pretty embarrassing sometimes. Also, even while driving (which just adds to my reasons of why I am the greatest driver ever) I get way too tired. It gets to the point where I'm like, "I'm so tired I just want to sleep" and then I realize that sleeping would mean me dying and my insane side says, "eh, I've had a good life." So apparently I get a tad suicidal when I get tired. Yeah, maybe I'm being a bit too honest, oh well.

5. While recovering from surgery
I develop a hardcore Southern accent. I don't know how to explain it. I'm awful at faking a Southern accent, but the 3 different times I had hardcore surgery I developed a Southern twang. I didn't notice it until my friends kept telling me. People would just stare and me and say, "aren't you from Washington? Why are you talking like that?" Happened every time I had surgery. Weird huh?
My famous scar, I really relate to that Harry Potter kid. jk.

Okay, I'm hoping I get to tag some people so I tag Ashley Boice, and Samantha Miller. Hopefully they haven't been tagged already.


  1. I was freaking out when I read your fake #1...I was like, no, not my kristy, this is too sad, I would have never guessed! Then it all made sense that you were joking, I can't even believe I fell for it for a second. Love you cousin, love your scar reminds me of the miricle that you are alive.
    ps-I have a blog now too, you can find it at

  2. Kristy, be honest. Who doesn't love the backyardigans! Seriously the cutest cartoon in existance. Scarlet WILL like it... or else.

  3. Love the Clue characters. I already tagged Sam - sorry.

    Also I fell for every comment that people made about my blog not being quite good enough - I really do need help. Love you and your weird things!

  4. Hey guys are more than welcome to stay at our casa. My phone number is 208-371-9360...give me a call when you guys are heading through...I will be at work tuesday night,but Jared will be home until I get off....and we are planning on getting up wednesday and heading to MOses too. Talk to you soon.

  5. Kristy I just found your blog and love it! And you. Thanks for the entertaining read.