Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Truth

Posted by Kristy

In honor of today's game, I have created a video that encapsulates BYU's glory.
(a shout-out to Kari for showing me this great song and letting me steal her idea)

Here's hoping BYU wins...


  1. Kristy that was straight up AMAZING!
    Kendall (and Bryan)

  2. that kid could use a few voice lessons but other than that superb work! hope they win!

  3. Please refer to my blog from the TCU game to understand how I feel inside right now. Actually, its much worse. Oh well? right? maybe?

    Nope. still mad.

  4. Hey Kristy!! how are you? this is linh by the way, i remember we owe you a dinner so when is a good day for you? hope all is good, we live in the same city we will have to visit with eachother! hope all is good! have a great thanksgiving!!