Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"Hey everyone, come see how good I look!"

Posted by Kristy

Okay, so I had to already explain to my Mom that my title is from the movie "Anchorman". She thought I sounded pretty conceited, so I had to explain myself. ..Anyways, after a few days of having my Mom and Kylie telling me how plain/flat/boring/desperately needing change.. my hair was I decided I needed to spice things up. So with Eliza's help, 2 hours, and money I now look like this...

And here's a little bit closer up with me smiling...
And my personal favorite look......the Wolverine look. (Too bad Halloween is already over..)

I think this is a solid investment. Love my hairstylist.


  1. Very cute! And you are so humble!

  2. so that the hairstylist I told you about...if so she IS so amazing huh?? Love it.

  3. Even if it wasn't a hilarious quote, you could have pulled off saying that line anyway :) since when is mom so concerned about us thinking too highly of ourselves? And yes, you look stinking awesome. if i were a guy... and not your immediate relative, I would totally be all over you