Thursday, January 15, 2009

Probably the Greatest Website Ever....

Posted by Kristy

I'm always amazed by the hidden gems you can find on the Internet, and this one is pretty cool. I don't even know how I found it...must have been fate. jk. So in this website you take a picture of yourself and they turn you into a generic Simpsons character. Oh yes, a real life Simpsons character. So I created mine and I think it turned out all right. So whenever you're bored at work/home/while reading this very blog....go to http://simpsonizeme/

My Simpsons character in a more natural environment. Man, I love marketing gimmicks.


  1. You are one adorable simpsons character! I want to be simpsonized so bad but the web site is taking for ever. I love your characters cute hair!

  2. must have been on a mission when that movie came out. Love the simpson character of you.

  3. What a find! A cure for cancer would have been nice but this is even better!! Do you have a special Simpson's name? And what will your voice sound like? Let me guess... Your name is Lucky, you have an Irish accent, and your character goes around totalling every car they come in contact with? I am definitely going to tune in to that one!