Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Gaurdian Angel Was Late Again...

Posted by Kristy

We all have our guardian angels looking out for us, and mine seem to have a problem with punctuality. Don't get me wrong, they still help me out, but instead of having the "I almost got in an accident" I get, "I got in this accident and lived". The girl who lived. Sounds good, too bad Harry Potter stole that line first.

Anyways, our story begins on Monday morning. I was invited by some friends in Quincy to go snowmobiling. We drove up to Wenatchee and drove around for a while in the mountains, but soon there was a blizzard/freezing rain/we couldn't see at all, so we headed back down. We decided to continue our snowmobiling fun at my friend's house. We had our own snowmobiles and we drove through the orchards and chased deer. It was awesome. The awesomeness decreased when we decided to drive around this huge bowl with steep sides. I had actually been there before and was fine, but this time didn't end with the same happiness. I drove up one of the sides and onto the top of a lip. So what I didn't know what that on the other side of that lip was a 15 ft. drop off. I didn't turn quick enough and my snowmobile went over the edge. What I also didn't know was that it was a straight drop, so I fell and my snowmobile turned upside down and I landed on the ground with the machine on top of me. Luckily during the drop my guardian angel finally decided to show up and I managed to only get hit really hard in the stomach, and knee. My friends learned something was wrong and I can only imagine what they thought when they saw me pinned down under the snowmobile and not moving. The scary part was that they kept yelling "are you okay" but I couldn't breathe because the wind was knocked out of me. I tried rapidly moving my limbs so show they I was all right. Luckily after they helped get me out from under the machine I was fine. I was able to walk, and I was wearing a helmet so there was no further head damage. When it was all over I walked away with a couple of bruises and massive soreness, and the snowmobile had a bent ski (which they told me is easily fixable) so that was good. I can officially set my "No Accidents for 3 years" back to "No Accidents for 2 days". Nice to know I still have some purpose in this life.


  1. Hey, Birthday Twin! You cracked me up with the whole "girl who lived" thing. Okay, I know that the whole thing was really scary and I'm grateful that you came away from it with just some bruises and stuff, but the way you tell it was funny. Yeah, I'm not a good driver either. Maybe the moral of the story is that you should just wear a permanent helmet everytime you are in some sort of moving contraption, whether it's a car, snowmobile, airplane.

  2. Oh, and I'm at "No accidents for 11 months."

  3. I love you to death, but you should probably never ever ever ever drive anything ever again. Like not even in a video game, or a Barbie car, or one of those little skateboards you use with your fingers.

    Hope your recovery goes well.

  4. ha, sorry, that last comment was from me. forgot I was logged in at work.

  5. WOW Kristy! That could've been worse. I'm happy to know you turned out alright!!

  6. wow Kristy... i got to say I love the name of your blog.. icrashcars.. and I love the "shut up brain or I'll stab you with a q-tip!" pretty funny stuff.

    I'm glad you lived again through your accident. I didn't even have to read the whole thing just the part that said "i went snowmobiling." the person who invited you must not of known you very well!..... Just kidding..

    no but seriously I would be nervous to invite you to a party in a padded room, where we where straight jackets and lay on the ground.