Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Story Behind the Engagement..

Posted by Kristy

Yes, it's true I am officially engaged. I thought I would tell you a little bit about how Trevor went from "The Nerd" to my fiance. It was all due to little thing I like to call the Microsoft Prime card (amazing discounts for everything from restaurants to theme parks). They give them to all of the Microsoft employees. Okay, maybe it was 40% card and 60% love..... For his version of things you can go to (

It all started from a D&C class that we both had together. I sat by Trevor one day and shared my scriptures with him. I know, how cliche right? We talked a little that day, but he was too shy to ask me out. In fact he didn't ask me out until the very end of the semester. I had only talked to him a few times in class so I was pretty impressed when he got my number after class one day. Our first date was short, but fun. We went out to get ice cream at Yoasis. After that we basically started dating except we never really had an "us talk" to see where we were. Because of that we only lasted 3 months. I'm sure it didn't help that during that time I allowed various boys to buy me dinner and though Trevor didn't go on dates he sure "hung out" with other girls quite a bit. We both kind of viewed our relationship as an "open relationship" but don't worry we've learned the error of our ways.

So the funny thing about Trevor and I is that we were both planning on living in Seattle this summer. This had nothing to do with each other. I was wanting to check out the hotel scene and he had an internship with Microsoft. After the breakup Trevor and I stayed friends and we talked about meeting up for dinner when we were both in Seattle. Oh, and I have to explain why he was called "the nerd." I have a close family friend named Trevor McKinnon (who is getting married close to the same time I am) and he has always been the "Trevor" in my life. So when I started dating this Computer Engineer the title of "Trevor" was already taken so Kacey just started calling him "the Nerd."

At the same time I was dating Trevor I was also getting into contact with an old friend who was across the world studying. I might or might not have originally wanted to move to Seattle because of this other boy. Regardless, it didn't work out. Let's just call it fate. So here I am in Seattle, meeting new people and living on my friend's futon. I get a call from Trevor and we hangout that night, it was fun to catch up and hear about each other's lives. After that night we decided we could be friends and I ended up spending a lot of time with him. I would come to parties with him (as a friend only) would talk with other guys/fend off the super weird guys from the ward, and then I'd leave with him. At this point we were strictly friends, though I let him continue to buy me dinner and chauffeur me around. Yeah, he deserves points for just sticking up with me. After a week or so of this treatment Trevor called me out and asked why we weren't dating. I think at this point he was getting sick of paying for me without any action in return. Though seriously I had also been thinking of getting back together with him, so it worked out. That night he kissed me and were dating ever since.

For some reason now things were completely different. Our relationship was SO much better than it was in Utah. I think it was because we were already comfortable with each other and we were completely ourselves. Add that to the fact that he would watch countless hours of Simpsons with me and it's easy to see how I fell in love with him. It all came pretty suddenly. One day I was contemplating breaking up with him and a few days later I found myself completely falling for him. It was a new thing for me. In the past I had dated guys with the thought of "you'll do for the time being, until I find someone new." My mindset completely changed when I started dating Trevor. I started seeing all of his good qualities and realized that he fit a lot of qualities on my mental "husband check list."

Fast forward to how he proposed. It was our first entire day we had spent with each other (b/c one of us was always working). Earlier we went to Wild Waves Theme Park (with a $26 discount) and went on some roller coasters, bumper cars, etc. After the Theme Park we went back to by house and decided to walk around the park at Coulon Beach right down the road. It was a beautiful day. It was still warm, but with a nice breeze and the sun was just starting to set. We were walking around talking, and I didn't have a clue that he was thinking about proposing. We came around the walking path to a nice piece of grass and I noticed that Trevor wasn't answering my questions anymore. I didn't think much of it and turned to keep walking, and then turned around to see Trevor on the grass on one knee. He asked me to marry him and I said "yes" and then said, "Oh crap, you haven't even asked my dad yet!" Romantic huh? Yeah, I thought that these things had to go in order. One thing that Trevor did is that he didn't have a ring but instead he turned around the ring on my finger. You see I have a claddagh ring from Ireland that I always wear. It's an old Irish wedding ring, and if the heart points outward that means your heart is free and if the heart points inward that means that your heart belongs to someone. So he turned my ring to face inward.

So that's my story. This last weekend he met my family, and I mean my entire family! He survived an Earl Reunion. Thanks again to everyone for helping him feel welcome. He had a great time and has decided that I have the coolest family ever. Of course that's nothing new, but it's nice to hear nevertheless.

For those of you who weren't there. Trevor and I announced our engagement through our lip sync number "I heard it through the Grapevine." It was my brilliant sister Kacey's idea and it went great. It was pretty funny to watch my brothers and sisters react because the only people who knew about it before were (Kacey, Jon, and my parents). So enjoy this video.

Here is a short clip of the Engagement Announcement aftermath.


  1. YEAH CONGRATS!!!!! What a cute couple! And I love the traditional picture by the green wall at your parents house!!!

  2. "I think at this point he was getting sick of paying for me without any action in return."

    so awesome.

    so this is probably why your dad called me the "world's worst golfer" and not Trev-Trev.

    As I recall we were equally sucky.

  3. I was laughing at that too, Jared! Loved hearing the entire story. So great! Congratulations birthday twin!

  4. You did good, Kristy. We approve!

  5. I like the photo of you looking into each others eyes...heh heh. Congratulations Sista...cead mile faulte, know, warm irish phrases all around!

  6. I'm pretty sure I totally know Trevor McKinnon!! Moses Lake really DOES get around!!