Saturday, September 19, 2009

Someone actually pays me to drive...

Posted by Kristy

As frightening as that sounds to you all, it's true. I work at a smaller hotel and therefore am in charge of everything from checking people in to getting people towels. I'm a one-woman show and it keeps me pretty busy. Recently, my boss decided that our guest's lives were not at risk enough and has since added "Van Driver" on my already large job list. Here's me with my new van.

So surprisingly enough it's not the driving portion that gives me trouble. I just have to go to the airport and back and a few restaurants. I've done it enough that I don't even need Lee (my GPS, named Lee b/c I changed it to Australian male that they call "Lee") to guide me around anymore.

No, the hardest part is putting people's luggage into the van. So imagine that you arrive at the airport with all of your super heavy luggage and your van driver is a skinny wimp of a girl. It poses a problem. Usually I try to go with the "batting the eyelashes/smiling" way out of lugging people's stuff around, but that doesn't work all of the time. So I have to say "Oh, no let me get that for you sir" as I proceed to try (keyword here is try) to hoist the luggage into the back without dying.

Luckily, a lot of guys see my uselessness when it comes to lifting and either help me with the luggage or they put their luggage in themselves. Though I have seriously had some grown men sit there with their arms folded while I struggle through getting their luggage in and out of the car. Yeah, I sure love it when that happens...especially when they don't even tip after wards.

I have to say that after a few weeks of driving, I am loving getting tips. Sure I now pay at restaurants using $1's and have to convince friends that I'm not a stripper, but it's worth it. An average day of driving I get anywhere from $20-60, my max so far was $74. It's pretty great. So not only is Marriott paying me to drive, but the guests are as well. If only they knew what they were getting into...


  1. "Lee" and "Candy" (our GPS) should get together. It would be the most submissive relationship ever.

  2. and ok wait - people are paying YOU to drive?!

    That's like someone paying me to be skinny.

  3. That's hilarious Kristy. I will pray for you. haha

  4. awesome. that makes me wonder. i read a book one time that says the proper tip for a shuttle from the airport is a dollar per bag. is that outdated? what has been your largest tip?

  5. People paying you to drive around a big city and lift heavy luggage? It's mind boggling. Next thing you know Dad will be moonlighting as a computer tech! Although, Dad has figured out how to text so maybe I shouldn't be so quick to poke fun at his lack of modern technological expertise. Naw! He is still technologically challenged.

  6. Samantha will be praying for you. I will be praying for your passengers. By the way, thanks for the wonderful hotel hook-up in Boise!!!!!! (Your college education is definetly paying off.)

  7. Kristi I don't know you that well and even I know that is not a good idea!!