Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Real Reason People Get Married

Posted by Trevor

Before Kristy and I got married, I often had great ideas for blog posts, but I always thought to myself: "If you want to be popular and famous, just wait to post it on Kristy's blog after you get married." So with that promise of stardom and renown, I got married and we made the big step of adding me to this blog. (My old, short-lived blog is here.)

One of the best reasons to get married is because people take a lot of pictures of you, and they are all required to tell you how good you look. But I suppose the other reason we got married was so we could
spend ten days at the JW Marriott in CANCUN!

Five stars, baby!

Kristy hooked us up with a sweet employee discount, so instead of paying $400/night, it was more like $45. Some people might think 10 days is a long time for a honeymoon, but when you're getting something like this, why the heck not!?

Cancun has its perks. Number One would be the 75 degree weather. So while everyone else was freezing their hienies off in two feet of snow and below-zero temperature, Kristy and I were in shorts and t-shirts on the beach sipping virgin margaritas. In fact, this was the view from our hotel room balcony:

Even with the great weather, our hotel room had a big screen television, so many of you might be wondering if we ever actually did any cool Mexican things besides watch episodes of The Simpsons in espaƱol together. Well, when people think of Mexico, a few things might come to mind--at least they do if you've ever seen "The Three Amigos": old guys wearing sombreros, people riding burros, and drunk guys drinking caguamas. And cheap stuff. And since neither of us are big into smoking cheap cuban cigars or drinking cheap tequila, cheap knock-off clothing had to do:

After buying some cool clothes, we went downtown to the market. Because I speak Spanish, it usually went a little more like this: "For you, six hondred pesos, man. Oh, you speak espanish? Oh, that was gringo price. Espanish price is two hondred pesos." It's a lot easier to negotiate when you speak the same language.

One of the days while we were in downtown Cancun (the not-so-American part), some strange guy approached us on the street. And if I've ever learned anything from TV, it's that strange guys always have cool stuff to sell, so of course we talked to him. From that guy, we got tickets to go zip-lining:

The highlight of our week was definitely our day at Xel-Ha (pronounced Shel-Ha). Xel-Ha is an all-inclusive resort attraction with a natural inlet, natural aquarium, natural lazy river, 5 restaurants, 3 bars, and a ton of hammocks. (Whoever thought of "Hammock Island" is my hero.)

This made for a great day of all-you-can-eat food, all-you-can-drink virgin daiquiris (I think Kristy had 5), swimming, snorkeling, and hanging out with domesticated toucans and lizards.

As for our week in Cancun, the food was great, the sun was better, and the company couldn't be beat.


  1. that's it, you have finally convinced me that I need to get married!

    That place looks incredible!!

  2. how fun! we went to mexico on our honeymoon too and did the whole zipline thing! the place you stayed is gorgeous and that hammock island or whatever looked sweet! hope you're doing good!

  3. Wow! When can I get a sweet deal Kristy? Glad you guys had so much fun!

  4. The honeymoon's over! Next time you are taking us!!!