Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wow, I'm A Weakling

Posted by Kristy

I've always known that I am not the strongest girl in the world, but today I realized how truly weak I am. We played water balloon volleyball for our combined Young Women's activity tonight. In my experience, water fights only get crazy when boys and flirting are involved. (My zone leaders once tried to get me to come to a water balloon fight on my mission in Ireland, but I was clever enough to know that when you take "flirting" away from a water fight, it just turns into boys being mean and nailing you in the face with balloons.) Because there were no boys at tonight's activity and I am now married and boring, I wasn't expecting the onslaught.

It started out normal enough: the girls were playing their game and the leaders (including me) were chilling on the grass eating Otter Pops. But when the girls put out a hit on me, it all changed. All of a sudden, all of the younger girls charged me with a ginormous bucket of water. I panicked and found sanctuary at a nearby 7-11. Thinking I was safe from my attackers, I tried to relax until I realized that they had followed me.Using their Jedi mind tricks, they easily convinced the creepy 7-11 guy that they needed to carry me out and soak me. The creeper offered to hold me for them, so I decided to take my chances with the girls. They literally picked me up by my arms and legs and full-on carried me like a captured animal back to the church. They dropped me on the grass and completely drenched me with water. So yes: I am so weak that apparently even a group of 12-year-old girls can take me down. I might need to start exercising.


  1. Wow, it really shows a true amount of braveness to admit to a story like that. Most people would be way too ashamed to admit to the world at large their inferiority to a group half their age. Way to be above reproach, sis.

    He he he he he he he!

  2. I would submit to the 12 year old girls too if a creepy 7-11 guy was about to hold me down for them!!

    Or you could do what the rest of America would do and charge him with assault, sue 7-11 and get millions of dollars :D

  3. I enjoyed this story very much. I also enjoyed Knight and Day very much. I've also watched 2 seasons of 30 Rock since we chatted. I wish we lived close so we could watch TV together all day.

  4. Haha that's really funny!