Sunday, August 22, 2010

Why My Parents No Longer Love Me

Posted by Kristy

I have amazing parents who love me--or at least love to mock me. Recently though, I have caused such heartache to my parents that the love is all but gone. I have done something that no daughter should ever do. I did the worst thing imaginable.... I cut off their hotel benefits. I know, I know, what a horrendous thing to do! My parents were finally getting used to their $45 rate for Marriott hotels. They had grand plans for next year around Christmastime when the hotel rates for employees and their families magically drop to $20. All of these wonderful dreams were dashed to pieces the day I quit Marriott.

I stopped working for Marriott hotels last February. The perks were great, but they came with a steep price. I worked every weekend until 11 pm, and because hotels never close, holidays ceased to exist for me. I can't tell you how nice it is to have weekends back. Since then, I have been working for "Science Adventures." Random, I know, but I am pretty much the queen of random jobs. We just finished up our Science Summer Camps, and I only received one death-threat all summer, so I think we'll call that a success. Of course I am so much more than a mere Science Site Director: I am also the Area Assembly Presenter. I get to put on a science show for grade-schoolers and feel like a rock star. It's a sweet gig, and so far, the kids all love me. I'm expecting to get some autograph requests soon; I'll keep you posted. My costume is a lab coat, and it's funny how kids assume you're a legit scientist when you've got one of these babies.

Here I am in my snazzy lab coat.

Luckily, my parents are forgiving people, and they recently came to celebrate Trevor's birthday/buy Kylie a car. Yes, Trevor turned 25 on August 9th. (He is 21 days older than I am.) He was pretty spoiled because my parents took us to BJ's where we ate our weight in pizza and pazookies and still had a Dairy Queen cake I bought for him to eat for the rest of the week.

Here is the gang at BJ's (We had to force Kylie to get in the picture with us)

We also convinced Brad to come and visit us before he left for BYU. I dragged poor Brad and Trevor to an Irish pub for lunch, and boy was that a terrible mistake! In my head, I get so excited to eat Irish food again and prepare my taste buds for delicious memories, but it never tuns out right. This place was terrible. The food was just gross, and I've finally decided that I'm not going to try and go to any more "Irish places." It was so bad that we had to go to Dairy Queen on the way home to get the taste out of our mouths. Later, we got Brad some chocolate milk and gushers and he was good to go for the rest of the weekend. Oh and just as a side note, we got rid of our crappy twin bed in our guest room, and replaced it with a not-so-crappy pull-out couch that turns into a double. So far, both Randi and Brad have given it positive reviews. So if you're not visiting us because you don't want to sleep on our awful twin, you no longer have an excuse.You have been warned.

Proof that Brad came.


  1. of course when I read this I had to picture you in your abraham lincoln outfit that you wore for a presentation for kids. That was awesome. You look great. keep posting.

    Oh and happy early birthday.

  2. If our kids want to buy the #1 spot in our affections with hookups, discounts and freebies... bring it on! Kristy, even though the Marriott discount is gone, the memory lives on and you're still at the top of the list - until someone gets us something better. Actually, Jon fixed a lot of stuff around the house when he was here last, so he's pretty much at the top of the list now. You're a close second,though! Love ya...

  3. That might be the worst picture of Kylie since her "squishy" stage. Kylie, if you are concerned, you are one hundred times prettier than that moment captured.

    Happy birthday Trevor!

  4. i would like to be the first to hit you up for a discount on one of your science summer camps.

  5. Kristy! I love the lab coat. You just look too good in everything! I've been thinking about you a lot lately! I'd love to chat any time you have a minute! Hope everything is going just wonderful for you 2.
    Lots of love!

  6. As far as I'm concerned you could be Bill Nye's successor.
    Also, I bet all the kids LOVED you and traded pixie sticks with each other just to be in your group they loved you so much!

  7. We were a little sad about the hotel benefits to, but got over since we realized we really have no money to get to a hotel anyways! You are safe with us!

    Happy Birthday Trevor!

  8. Now I have found your blog and the transition between FB only friends and FB/Blog friends is complete! I love that you HAD to go to Dairy Queen to get a good taste in your mouth. Tom is usually the decider on when we can go to DQ or not (because I would abuse the privilege) and we got to got a couple of nights ago. I ran to the car and started jumping up and down in excitement!