Sunday, November 28, 2010


Posted by Kristy

This was my first Thanksgiving away from my family. Before Trevor's parents even met me, I was already engaged to their son, and right after the wedding I stole him away to live in Bellevue, so they have kind of gotten the raw deal. Fortunately, they came to visit us a few months ago and got to know me a bit better. Unfortunately, all those pictures are on an SD card that decided to cache in its chips and end its earthly career too early. So, because my own in-laws don't know me very well, the Lacey cousins really have no idea who I am. Although we did had a small get-together with them soon after Trevor and I were engaged, my mom also threw in my driving history, so now they know enough not to get in a car with me. After our story-telling, Trevor's Grandma came up to him and asked, "Are you sure about this girl?" (i.e. "How many more times can she cheat death?") It was pretty funny, although I think she was half serious.

Thanksgiving dinner was delicious and it was fun to meet everyone. The only problem is that a lot of the conversation was on politics and computers. Not my forte. I felt a lot like Christine in this video clip.

Trevor had been growing out his facial hair to freak out his parents at Thanksgiving. It worked pretty well, even if it was invisible in most photographs. But we found that if you zoom in really close, there's at least
something to be proud of. Here he is in all of his bearded glory.

He shaved it off right after he showed his Uncle Ken. Trevor really does look like he's 16. He went shooting with the boy scouts a few months ago, but was stopped by a camp director because all of the youth had to go through a 5 min gun class. Trevor kept saying, "But I'm a leader." The people in charge just said, "yeah right" and made him take the class. It's so funny; Trevor hates it.

While in Utah, we got to see friends and eat delicious food. I introduced Trevor's family to Texas Roadhouse (there's a new one in Orem) and it's deliciousness. Their ribs are even better than Tony's. No joke.

Although Utah was fun, the dry air sucked all the happiness and life from our face, so it's great to be back at home in rainy, complexion-friendly Bellevue.


  1. ha ha i love trevor's Spencer Pratt flesh covered beard

  2. Kristy I read your post a few days ago and found myself rethinking about this clip. This clip is HILARIOUS. And SOOO me. haha. I love that it's so you too.