Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cooking with Aunt Julie

Posted by Kristy

One of the best parts of living in Bellevue is living so close to my aunt Julie. Julie has always been there to help me. She not only helped me find my apartment but helped me to decorate it as well. Plus, she's a champ when it comes to clothes. We always say that if Julie thinks you look good then you definitely do.

Julie's latest interest is nutrition. She even has a blog about it. -->CLICK HERE <-- What this really means is that it involves a lot of Julie coming over and telling me that my 16 boxes of gushers and my non-stick pans are bad for me. She also tries to get me to buy all organic things and one time made me shop at Trader Joe's with her. It's not a bad store if you're looking for just an item or two (like their delicious strawberry shortcakes), but going there for general grocery shopping is torture. After sorting through aisles of organic-this and pesticide-free-that and let's-see-what-ridiculous-thing-we-can-make-out-of-hemp-whatever, we went through the checkout line where I asked the cashier (who my mom would definitely describe as a "granola") if a particular marinara sauce was any good. He said, "It's a great base and if you add some fresh herbs and spices to it. What do you usually add?" I truthfully responded that "I just add sugar until it tastes good." I have never seen a more offended beatnik in all my life. It was as if I had said that Northern Spotted Owl tastes like chicken or that I love the feel of my polar bear rug between my toes.

Part of Julie's new interest is that she knows how to make a lot of things from scratch. My Mondays have become my intense cooking days. Last Monday, Julie and I made homemade chicken and curry with naan bread. Our latest creation was my favorite: May I present to you a homemade 4-cheese spinach ravioli on a bed of spinach with a pesto-cream sauce.
Did I mention they are flower shaped!

It tasted even better than it looked.

I now really look forward to Mondays--not only for the food, but because we watch "The Bachelor" afterward and there is some fantastic drama going on. Plus, one of the girls has legit fangs. Fangs! Now, I just need to plan what we're going to make next week. Thank you Julie!


  1. Awwwww Kristy! That is so sweet! I do look forward to Mondays now as well. And not only because of those dang fangs, that is great tv though!!! And girl you got mad skillz with the knife! Impressive. I say we take a trip south of the border and bring some authentic flavors of Mexico to your kitchen next Monday! Viva La Mexico!!!!

  2. Not fair. I want Aunt Julie for a cooking buddy!

    By the way, your beatnik comparisons were killer. You so didn't even need me!

  3. Oh Kristy, I've been meaning to call you everyday for the past month, but I have to wait until after 9:00 since I'm still on the family plan and minutes are precious...and by 9 I always forget. I'm sorry.
    I've always wanted to move to Oregon/Washington so I can observe all the hippies. It would especially be fun to observe them with you...I think we'd be entertained by them for years!

  4. Man, I want to come eat and watch Bachelor with you guys! (Notice I didn't say I wanted to come cook?) Julie is da bomb and Kristy you are hilarious. I love it. Can't wait to see you next weekend.

  5. Oh I do love the feel of my polar bear rug between my toes!....oh wait, were you joking? is that bad?...ummm....nevermind about the whole rug thing, I don't own a rug!

  6. Too Freaking Funny! Even Tom laughed when I read it to him, because he has the EXACT same feelings about organic food and "granolas" as you do:)

  7. I just want to say that I am super jealous of your mad cooking skills. That's all. : )