Saturday, February 19, 2011

1 Year Down....

Posted by Kristy

Trevor and I have been married for 1 year, 1 month, and 21 days., but who's counting? No, I'm kidding; it really has flown by. Life with Trevor is great, and I love it how all of our friends tell us that we're perfect for each other. Of course they usually say that to mock us, but it's pretty dang true. To celebrate, we went to the Melting Pot, and I loved it. So many sauces, and I can cook my steak just the way I like it. Trevor loved the dessert the best.
A few weeks later, we drove down to Moses Lake to eat our frozen wedding cake. Everyone kept telling us it would be super gross but they were wrong. It was delicious. Of course the gold designs on the cake had turned green, and we had to scrape all the fondant off, but it was still good.
Also, this is what happens with you decide to have a "Pajama Exchange" with your family for Christmas.
A picture says it all

All I can say is that there will be revenge for this. Of course, I gave Jon adult penguin footie pajamas so maybe I deserved it.

I would like to reward my loyal blog readers for reading this not-so-interesting-post with my famous video known as "the trampoline video." Many of you might have seen this video on Kacey's blog, but for those of you who haven't, get excited.

To see what really happened you have to watch very carefully. I went to jump off the trampoline and I jumped right as the wind blew up the blue covering on the trampoline which caught my foot in mid-air and I tripped. The funny thing about this video is that for some reason it is so much funnier when you see it the 3rd or 4th time. I can't explain it.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAha! (Histerical laughing)

    First, congratulations! One day I will have to meet your better half ;)

    Second, at least you didn't get tinkerbell footie pajamas that were 3 sizes too big like me (Adam's doing). Compared to mine, yours are actually kind of cute.

    Third, I LOVED the video. Hilarious!! It actually looked intentional the first 4 times I watched it. I also liked seeing the little nerdy version of you ;) Love ya!

  2. How cute that your friend Amber thought that was your "nerdy version" I would love to know what she would call the rest of your versions....

    Ok done with the mocking. Congratulations on your first year of married life! I think you all got to eat my wedding cake top... I will just pretend it was gross as to not be disappionted

  3. Fun, fun! LOL! Your dad sounds like Phil Hartman...and that is AWESOME!

  4. I'd like to wish you a belated Happy Anniversary! I am so glad that more people are getting to enjoy the trampoline video than just our family. It is guaranteed to make you laugh. I'm not sure why it's so funny - it just is. I've watched it probably 50 times and I still laugh every time. Thank goodness you weren't hurt! Don't you love the way we all rushed to your aid? Oh wait, no we didn't. We are horrible people!

  5. I had not seen the video, and it was awesome. It didn't surprise me, but still...awesome.

  6. I loved your little black-socked feet and skinny-legged, frog-like pose as you sailed off the tramp. Ha! Such a great moment to catch on're right, it did get funnier the 3rd or 4th time! Congrats on your anniversary!!!

  7. Happy Anniversary! And oh my gosh!!! I haven't laughed out loud that hard in the longest time! That is awesome! And classic Kristy. Love it!!!

  8. Congrats on your 1 year! Married life is the bomb.
    That video is so funny! i love it.

  9. You're wrong...this was absolutely hilarious...the first time :)

    I've never seen anyone look as hot as you in footies...rock it girl!

    Yay for you and Trevor!

  10. You and Trevor are a beautiful couple for sure. Kristy, you have NO IDEA how much pure, unadulterated joy this video has brought me. When Kacey posted it I probably watched it 30 times or so. I love you so much!!!

  11. I do love that video and I do love Jon's PJs. It makes me miss the earl family. It is funny because I feel like I missed out on a family vacation. I was like... mom, why weren't we on vacation with the Earls.

  12. Hey! I was just on Alicia's blog and saw a comment you left there..and now I found you! yay! :) I hope you don't mind me stalking you! here's my blog address if you want to stalk me back: Funny video, btw. I like that your sister said "she's laughing her head off.." after you tripped.