Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I should leave more often

Posted by Kristy

I just got back from the famous Earl Girl Reunion. In short, it was fantastic. Lots of fun to catch up with everyone and I will forever have the image of Sam smacking Kim during charades in my mind. Gotta love that Earl competitive spirit. I also got the chance to meet my nephew Asher. He is absolutely adorable and my crowning achievement was that I got him to giggle. It's always tough going from "vacation mode" to "reality" (especially when you teach early morning seminary) but luckily I have a fantastic husband. It first started out when Trevor pulled up to the airport and I saw this...

He completely cleaned out my car (including my messy trunk) and vacuumed it for me. I noticed immediately and he was so proud of his handiwork. I thought I was happy until I then opened the door to our apartment and saw this...

Our apartment was spotless and just beautiful. I was so happy and then he told me to go look in our room and I saw this...

He bought me a shelf where I could keep all of my Seminary materials. I was so impressed that I decided to write this post. Thanks Trevor.


  1. Seriously Kristy. I was like a bull in a china shop, and I was aiming for kim...

    Trevor is so awesome! this is a trait that will ESPECIALLY be appreciated when you have little kids running around your house. Awesome.

  2. I'm glad that someone in that household appreciates a nice clean Lexus. Nice work Trevor.

  3. Hmm, I think Trevor might have gotten a little bored in your absence... Trevor, get a hobby and stop making everyone else's husbands look bad!

    I amend my recent predictions about Brad to include a girl like us... who is meticulously clean. In other words, perfect. So, yeah he might be single forever.

  4. A clean house is better tan chocolates or flowers in my mind!! How romantic Trevor!

  5. wow, I'm pretty sure when I leave all Buddy does is watch TV :) ok, he usually gets a oil change in the car, or something, but he wouldn't deep clean the house! lucky!

  6. Nice work, Trevor! You get an A+ in Husband 101!!