Sunday, September 25, 2011

Exotic Summer Vacation

Posted by Kristy

We just got back from our free trip to the land of Provo. Sure, it's not Hawaii, but we loved it. We were in Provo as recruiters for Trevor's company at BYU's Technology Career Fair. I know next to nothing about what Trevor does all day at work, but I was invited to come along as the comic relief and bask in the perks of being a recruiter.

It started with Trevor and me arriving in Salt Lake City and getting our first rental car ever. We were excited, and it made us feel very mature as we stepped up to the Avis counter to receive the keys. We learned a very important lesson that day: Trevor is not allowed to choose our rental car from now on. He likes small cars, so he asked for a "compact car." They stuck us with this piece of torture.

Trevor acted overly-excited so I wouldn't notice that he was standing next to a Toyota Yaris. It was nice having a rental car and all, but this wussy little go-cart didn't even have power locks or windows. Plus, the speedometer was in the middle of the console rather than on the driver side. Not a fan. I actually missed driving in Trevor's car.

Imagine this puppy parked next to all the Porsches at Trevor's work

The first day, we had an information session to get the students familiar with the company. They served us Brick Oven pizza and root beer and had us each tell the students a bit about our jobs. I spoke about "life in Bellevue" and was asked by a student about how often I see my husband. I answered: "Well, my husband is a tad bit of a workaholic, but I still manage to see him more than I would like." That night, they gave away everything from t-shirts to pens to an XBox 360 Kinect package. It was fun, and we had many people come up and thank us for our presentations.

The next day was the actual career fair. My advice to any single girl (whether you want an engineer husband or just a lifetime supply of free pens, mouse pads, and other corporate swag) is to show up at the BYU Technology Career fair. The entire ballroom is filled with dressed-up BYU guys a hundred recruiting booths for various companies. It was crazy. We had a never-ending line at our booth. Trevor said he's never felt so wanted in all his life as people would wait in line for over 20 minutes sometimes just to speak with him. It was tiring being on our feet from 8-3 pm, but we did get a nice catered lunch, and we eventually hit up Tucanos for dinner.

Between all of our recruiting activities, we ate at delicious places and saw lots of friends and family. The best part is we stayed with Trevor's parents, so it was fun to reconnect with them. Trevor's dad was impressed when I downed a Train Burger and still ate all his fries at Dairy Keen.

We had a great time with this trip and hope to make a habit of it.


  1. I'm glad you guys had fun! Aren't paid recruiting vacations the best? :)

  2. The Yaris? that sounds like a fake car.

  3. Kristy? Eating lots of food? Really? I want to go out with this chick! Now I am even more excited for our Utah trip. Sure everything isn't catered but we get to drag around an infant! That just makes everything more fun! :)

  4. That sounds like fun! We need to spread the word about the nerd - I mean technology fair!!