Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas with the Laceys

Posted by Kristy

This was the first Christmas with the in-laws and we had a great time. There was a lot of eating out, movie watching and drinking Santa milkshakes. If you haven't had these yet, you're missing out. All you have to do is blend up peppermint ice cream with some eggnog. Separately, I think that peppermint ice cream and eggnog are both decent, but together they are straight up delicious.

Here is video from Christmas morning where Trevor is opening Colin's gift. Side note to understand this story, for those of you who don't know Trevor's dad is in charge of the Heber Creeper (Heber Valley Railroad) and so Trevor's life has revolved around trains. Trevor's older brother Robert gave in to the train loving indoctrination from his dad, but Trevor hates trains. Also, the Lacey family is not big on secrecy and Colin previously told us we were getting a Batman Xbox game from him. With that in mind you can now enjoy this video.

We also took some time to see the lights at both Temple Square and the ones at the Riverwoods.

The Laceys
Our photographer, Colin Lacey

As soon as we got back to Bellevue we jumped in the car and headed to Moses Lake to see my family for a few days. It was wonderful. We surprised everyone because we told them we weren't coming until the next day. We timed it perfectly, and managed to surprise everyone moments before they had to leave to various wedding receptions.
My big gift of the year was a sewing machine, so Kacey gave me a quick lesson and we helped the girls make some pillows for their apartment. It was so great to see everyone together. I miss everyone already. Here are some pictures of my nephews (Scarlet missed the photo op because she was getting ready).
Rhode and I
Look at that face and tell me I'm not the favorite Aunt

Last, here is a video of Rhode singing some Christmas songs. Prepare for adorableness.


  1. I love that video of Trevor opening up the train movie. So funny! I'm so glad you guys were kind enough to make the long drive out here after just getting back in town. It made for a perfect holiday! Thank you

  2. You didn't tell me you got a sewing machine!!! We will have to do some projects together.

  3. I like the sound of Janie, get crafting!

    That picture of Asher is beyond precious. And now will you ever be able to hear Christmas bells again without thinking Bef-a-la-hem? I think not.