Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sewing With Kristy

Posted by Kristy

For Christmas my dear mother got me a sewing machine; which is as dangerous as it would be to get Kylie a motorcycle. I just imagine me hosting a sewing show and not only screwing up every project I make, but also injuring myself in the process. I would make a lopsided blanket and also manage to sew through my finger. It would be a hit, I should contact TLC to see if they're interested. Luckily I have wonderful family and friends who were willing to show me the ropes. I managed to stab myself with pins multiple times, but in the end we came up with this beauty.

Coolest blanket ever, right?

The bottom side

I was very pleased with the final product. I got the idea from a blog on pinterest. You can find it HERE.

I just got back from spending a week with Kacey in Vegas. Southwest was having a $69 each way sale a while back and so I ditched Trevor (he had to work) to hang out with my nieces and nephews. It was such a great trip. On Friday we got to see Courtney perform with the BYU Ballroom Team in St. George. I videotaped the crowd before the show, see if you can see why.

When we walked in Kacey said, "I feel so young and spry all of a sudden." I swear we were the only ones under 70 there, it was crazy. The show was fantastic though, and Courtney was amazing.

Terrible picture but proof we were there

We also hit up the ginormous Ross and scored some good deals, saw the Bellagio fountain and tried 16 different Coca Cola drinks from all over the world. Some were super gross like "Beverly" from Italy. It tasted like horrible medicine. And there was another flavor that tasted like straight mint mouthwash. It was awful. There were also good ones, like a green apple flavor from China and some good Ginger Ale from Israel and of course my favorite Manzana Lift. Here are some pictures...

Never been so grateful for American sodas

Aww, Asher

We're buds
Sunday finest

Here's hoping Southwest has another sweet deal soon!


  1. Now I am just sad all over again that you are not still here.

    That picture of you and Asher is perfection.

  2. The blanket looks AWESOME! Good work Kristy!

  3. Cool blanket! Way to go!! I so wish I could have been with you guys. I hate to miss a party!! I miss my grandkids. Glad they got some Auntie Kristy time!

  4. Our niece and nephews are by far the cutest on the entire planet. No doubt about it. And courtney's audience was by far the oldest audience on the entire planet. No doubt about it.

  5. Ok, I need that blanket!! I might have to pay you to make me a Steelers one when we have our roommate get-together... hopefully at the beach :)