Thursday, May 17, 2012

"When I grow up I want to be a principal or a caterpillar."

Posted by Kristy

That was a quote from Ralph Wiggum, one of the world's greatest minds. I remember when I was a 6th grader and I would constantly think, "wow, I'm a 6th grader I'm so old." Kind of like I was an imposter pretending to be a 6th grader. Well now I'm 26 and I know it's not very old but it still kind of blows my mind how grown up I am. Of course not grown up enough to stop playing video games and eating gushers but I'm pretty grown up.
      What's causing my feelings of getting older? I have a new job! It was fun to be a science presenter for a while but it was a lot of travel and performing at night shows. At night shows kids don't listen and it's not fun. I've had some crazy things happen at assemblies, such as:

1. Having to move my car in the middle of a show: It was so awkward. The PA announces that my car is illegally parked and must be moved. Luckily my friend was there from church so she moved it for me. 

2. Having experiments not work: This happened a lot. It is super awkward. 

3. A kid got trampled/I got mobbed: Yeah, I do a bit where I have these bubbles filled with CO2 and they're extremely popular. I always tell the kids not to move, but they never listen. One poor kid was under the mosh pit of kids trying to grab a bubble from me. Kids are vicious. 

4. Girl got hair stuck in leaf blower: This was so bad. Luckily I knew the girl and had her mom come watch. The experiment is you use a leaf blower to blow toilet paper all of someone else. The volunteer acts as the human toilet paper roll to help aim it. Unfortunately the girl kept lowering her arms and I put the leaf blower lower and before I knew it she was stuck to it. Oh my goodness it was horrible. Her mom lead her out in the hallways with the leaf blower connected to her hair still. Luckily they were able to get it all out without having to cut her hair. I felt awful so I bought her a blizzard. She forgave me. 

I have a new job now as a receptionist for a physical therapy company. With my new full time job and seminary my life is suddenly crazy busy. The other reason I feel grown up is because WE ARE LOOKING AT HOUSES! We finally gave in and listened to everyone who have been trying to convince us. We have a realtor and everything. Aren't we so grown up? 


  1. hahhaha. all your stories make me laugh. Any way you got a picture of the girls hair stuck in the leaf blower?

  2. Let's hope your new job is less hazardous... to you and those around you! You'll do great!!

  3. I love that the post immediately before the one about what a grown up you are is entitle "I have a Sword". Please never grow up all the way.

  4. hahahaha Kristy you're the coolest grown up I know