Monday, September 24, 2012

Turning Seattle Into Provo

Posted by Kristy

Life has been busy lately, summer is over and with it brought the famous Earl Reunion (click here for a summary) and Brad's wedding; but now it's back to seminary and long hours. It's still tough to wake up that early but we're teaching the New Testament this year and it's already been a lot easier to teach and stay awake. There are only so many ways to teach, "repent or be destroyed."

One day I saw a Groupon advertising a scavenger hunt competition in Seattle called "The Urban Goose Chase" and I knew it was something I needed to participate in. There are some people, like my husband, that simply hate scavenger hunts but I love them. I miss doing random things like this in Provo. In Provo if you see someone climbing over your fence late at night you think, "Oh, someone must be playing Fugitive" ( I love that game) but in Seattle you'd probably just get shot.

So on the 15th from 1-4 pm I grabbed 4 of my friends and we formed a team I dubbed "The Born Losers." It's my dad's favorite team name. To participate in the game you need to download the scavenger app and then proceed to accept and complete the various challenges and take a picture as evidence. It was a lot of fun. There were 20 teams and we were all competing for $250. Here's some of our challenges.

Teammates: Todd, Emilie, Summer and Jordan

Challenge was "Look like you have a bright idea"

High-five 5 people simultaneously 


Find a celebrity and get their autograph
(if you zoom in on my arm it says "love Justin")

Take a picture of someone taking a picture of you

Form a pyramid, must be 3 levels

Make or find a large rubber band ball

Have a thumb war with a policeman

Find someone with a Nirvana shirt

Handstand in an elevator

Body outline at a public place

Our pathetic attempt at making a ship in a bottle

Solve a theorem with chalk

Each team member must stick gum on the gum wall
(that place is the grossest)

Paint your face green and perform an act of love

Make a hat out of soap boxes

Make a pirate hat out of newspaper

Get a body part waxed

Simultaneously read 4 different New York Times bestsellers

It was a lot of fun. Even with all of the challenges we completed there were still a lot more left. We ended up scoring 3rd place, and were only a few points away from the 2nd place team. It was all pretty random but it was fun and we'd definitely do it again. Next time we're coming home with the money. 


  1. I wish I lived there and I wish you'd pick me to be a born loser!

  2. I love that you are reading the 50 shades book... Kristy you naughty girl. (i had to look it up to make sure.... I haven't read it.... Just saying)

  3. jealous. proud. entertained.

    did i already mention jealous?!

  4. This looks like a BLAST! I'm a little hurt you didn't invite me to be on your team.

    1. Whatever. I'm more hurt that I wasn't invited to live with you in Amsterdam!

  5. I love this!! I have always wanted to do something like this!!

    I'm jealous too!!

  6. Replies
    1. That's why I wrote this: "There are some people, like my husband, that simply hate scavenger hunts..." He wasn't down with the idea, plus we could only have 5 team members so he was easily cut.

  7. I bet if Trevor had been on your team you would've won! Next time, Trevor! Way to go Kristy and company!!

  8. This looks like fun and scares me at the same time. I'm not one for scavenger hunts either.

  9. That sounds awesome! I don't seem to recall seeing a gum wall in Provo, though . . .=)

  10. Um I am sooooooo jealous you did this! I need to see if there is one in Utah, I have a feeling an all Earl team would dominate this game.