Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I Commit to Costumes

Posted by Kristy

You'd think that at my age, I would have grown out of my "dress up" phase, but that's just not true. I love putting together a costume. Costumes are awesome. Sure, lots of people like enjoy dressing up for parties. But the difference between me and others is my competitive Earl spirit. It doesn't matter if it's a contest or not, it's always a contest.  For years, I thought most people put so much thought and work into their costumes, but I learned my lesson in college.

In one of my classes at BYU, we were broken into groups, and my group was assigned to organize a President's Day party for an elementary school class. Random? Yes, but remember that I majored in Geography: Travel and Tourism so I'm guessing they just ran out of stuff to teach us. My group was starting to divide up assignments when one member of our group shouted, "I want to dress up like George Washington!"  We all just awkwardly nodded and told her that would be fine. In the end, I was offered the choice of organizing decorations (shoot me now) or I could throw together an Abraham Lincoln costume. Of course I chose the costume route. I borrowed a friend's suit, bought a beard at the costume shop, and made myself a top hat. The day of the party, I rolled into the school like this:

Of course by "rolled into," I mean I was late and had to book it through the halls looking for my class in my full Abe getup. I pulled open the door to the classroom expecting to see a sweet George Washington costume (because why else would she have been that excited if she didn't already have one lying around) and learned that not everyone takes costumes seriously. I walked in the door and my group-mates just stared at me and finally said, "Kristy??" Their confusion makes sense if you compare me to the George Washington girl. She was wearing her normal clothes but had a paper hat with some cotton balls glued on it for George's hair. Yeah.  Lesson learned: Not everyone commits.

Fast-forward to a few weeks ago when a friend of mine decided to throw a Redneck party. They have a house down by the riverside, and it was the perfect setting. With the help of Aunt Julie and the willingness of my husband, we transformed ourselves into this. 

My name tag says "Kristy Lacey Lacey" Get it?

We got my dress, dolls and Trevor's hat and shirt at Goodwill. After putting up my hair, adding some terrible blue eye shadow, and blacking out my tooth with eyeliner, we were ready to go. The party was fantastic and I am proud to say that I have friends who commit to their costumes. Here they are in all of their splendor. 

The hosts. They bought fake cigarettes that we all had way too much fun playing around with.

Summer, me, Emilie 

Mike, Jordan, Trevor

Matt (his beard does not usually look that trash-tastic) and Kara 

Now this group here is one who understands the serious commitment of costume parties.


  1. I too LOVE dressing up in costume, and applaud your commitment to your craft. There is nothing more frustrating than a 50% effort on a costume.

  2. The babies attached to you are killing me. I need that picture of you and trevor framed in my house somewhere. It will be my go to whenever I need a giggle.

    p.s. I bet the kids thought your Lincoln was awesome and that George was, to quote kylie, lame as.

  3. hahahahahahaha! She excitedly volunteered herself to dress like George Washington without having a costume?! I wanna meet this girl. What in the world. She is the epitome of lame as.

  4. You like a lot like Cletus and Brandine. Very well done

  5. You guys are so funny. Thanks for the laugh. I especially like the touch of the confederate flat!!!

  6. So funny. I've come back to look at these pictures twice. I went to a white trash BBQ in college and one of our second cousins (a walker) thought I was really pregnant. That Lincoln picture is just so awesome. Those eyebrows. And Kylie every time I read lame as I think you are saying lame as$. Haha

  7. For not checking your blog very often . ..whenever I do, you always have something I can laugh at! What a riot redneck party! =)