Sunday, December 8, 2013

Thanksgiving Lacey Style

Posted by Kristy

We spent Thanksgiving with the Lacey side this year and had a blast!  We started the trip by heading over to visit the cousins in Mt. Pleasant.  They were the host of the feast this year.  They have a beautiful house that's decked out with all sorts of Disney paraphernalia.  (Like all of their drawers have metal Mickey ears handles. It's pretty sweet.)  Plus, they happen to have a huge paintball course in their backyard--like all awesome cousins do--so after eating some yummy food, we locked and loaded and began mercilessly slaughtering each other on the battlefield. 

You can kind of see the course in the background of this picture.  See those dirt mounds near the back?  That's part of the course.  Some of the hills are taller than us!  There were tons of bunkers, hay bales, and other places to seek cover.

I didn't want to get all of my paintball clothes dirty so Druann (my mother in law) hooked me up with this sweet jumpsuit.  I felt like an astronaut, so I can now check that one off the bucket list. 

 Trevor and I are getting ready for battle

 Colin is ready to kill

 So is Cameron

 Paintballing has never looked so good

We got to play quite a few rounds, and both Trevor and I managed to come home welt-free.  I can't say the same Trevor's uncle Ken, though. In one round, he and I were on opposing teams.  He had spotted me across the hill, and I could tell he was coming my way, so I quickly sneaked around to the opposite side and to get behind him.  He wasn't expecting that and came charging at my previous location guns a-blazing, and only then did I jump out and shoot him in the back.  At point blank.  Five times.  Yeah... probably not my best moment ever, but after the screaming subsided, we were cool again.  The fun part about the whole experience is that the rest of the family could watch our games though the big bay windows in the house.  So it was pretty much like the Hunger Games with everyone watching us do battle.

Not only do Trevor's cousins have a paintball arena, but had there been snow, we could have gone dog-sledding. They have nine sled dogs. This a picture of what could have been. 

Why does everything I whip leave me!?

But instead of snow, we had only dry, barren nothing.  Here's to hoping for snow next year!

After some delicious Thanksgiving pie, we drove down to Robert and Emily's house in Orderville, UT to stay for the next day.  (p.s. Orderville makes Moses Lake looks like New York.)  We chatted, played with their kids, and then went back to shooting things again.  In Orderville, they are big on their guns, and Robert's arsenal didn't disappoint.  We had a BB gun, pellet gun, .22, three shotguns, and a black powder rifle. 

The black powder rifle was a lot of fun.  We used it to shoot Robert's old textbooks.  When we were done, they looked like this. 

Photo: Over the Thanksgiving break, I learned of a good use for old textbooks made useless by newer editions.  I'll give you a hint: it involves black powder and a little metal ball.
Take that learning!

 Even Druann got in on the action

 A line of Lacey boys shooting

 I love this picture

The shotgun only knocked me over once. Kristy for the win! 

We then packed up the car and buckled in for the long drive back home to Heber City.  It was my first Lacey road trip.  I taught everyone how to play Ghost; it helped the drive go by faster. The next day, we all saw "Catching Fire" and had a great time.  (For those of you who have already seen the film, you should watch this video my sister showed me: Hunger Games

We also made a trip down to Provo to see Kylie and eat at Zupa's.  She told us about this new store near campus called "Pop & Sweets."  They have candy and soda from all around the world.  It's every cheesy missonary's dream!  It's really disorganized and expensive, but it was still fun to get a few things.  We surprised Colin by bringing home some Japanese sodas.  We got kiwi, green apple and melon. 

 Melon won hands down

Japanese glass marble bottles

I couldn't get over how weird it was to open this brand of sodas.  In the top, there is a glass marble that seals everything in.  You have to take the lid and pop out part of it that looks like a stopper.  You then cram in the stopper in marble until the marble falls in the neck of the bottle and you can drink your soda.  That's probably uninteresting to you all but I thought it was worth mentioning.  Oh, and the kiwi flavor tasted like paint thinner.

We had a great time with the Lacey's and can't wait until we can visit again. 


  1. This is Mom - Sounds like tons of fun! Glad it wasn't me you snuck up on in paintball. Ouch! I just know there are sled dogs in your future so don't give up!!

  2. Thanks for coming! We really had a good time. It's possible I'm slightly alarmed to know exactly how many guns I sleep by every night!

  3. You are brave, I don't think I would ever paintball..I'm too chicken, will you be on my team at the Earl Reunion? I have tried several of those Japanese sodas and they were not good...looks like I'll need to try the melon one.

  4. I just have one question: how did you know the kiwi soda tasted like paint thinner? How do you know what paint thinner tastes like?