Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween 2013

Posted by Kristy

I miss those days when I was old enough to go to Halloween parties but still young enough to go trick-or-treating. Unfortunately, I long ago reached the age where it becomes super creepy to go trick-or-treating without kids of my own, but I still try to keep the Halloween spirit.

My favorite trick-or-treat" ever was when my friend Jen and I pulled a prank on on some guys friends from college. We had a score to settle, but instead of getting even, we chose the high road and offered forgiveness.  Or did we?  *cue dramatic music*  We made some delicious chocolate-covered caramels that day as a peace offering. But what they didn't know was that mixed in with those were also some delicious chocolate-covered bullion cubes--zesty garlic chicken and beef, to be precise. We put them all plate with a note that read: "trick-or-treat?" After ringing their doorbell and running to hide behind their window, we watched the events unfold. It was glorious. All the guys were home and overjoyed to find delicious free chocolate treats on their doorstep. They each took one and gobbled them down in one bite. The lucky ones enjoyed their treat while the unlucky ones started gagging and running to the bathroom.

Back to the unveiling of the costumes. I was excited for our costumes this year because it wasn't nearly as much work as The Simpsons. This year, Trevor and I were: Jack and Jill...after they fell down the hill. Here we are:

We still don't have any water

A better picture of how dirty we were 

Look at Trevor's magnificent grass stains. 

This was a super fun costume. We got the majority of our clothes at thrift shops. I found the dress in the children section for $8. Score! 

I got the apron from Amazon for like $12, and with my Aunt Julie's help, we shortened it. Then I rubbed it in the grass until it looked like this: 

My shoes? I already owned those babies; they're from my mission. It gives you an idea of how attractive I was as a sister missionary. 

Trevor's outfit was pretty easy as well. Shirt and pants were from thrift shops and we found the bow-tie at Ross. After that, I just borrowed a crutch from work, beat my husband with it used some fake blood, wrapped said injury to avoid suspicion, and the look was complete.  

Some of our friends in the ward dressed up as the captain and boy from "The Adventures of TinTin" and I thought they did a great job. Here they are: 

Here's a picture of the character for comparison:

We also brought a spooky treat. This was my creation:

Tombstone Treats

They are HoHos, covered in frosting and rolled in chocolate cookie crumbs. Then I just cut a Mint Milano cookie in half, wrote on it and stuck it to the grave site with more frosting. The kids thought these things were delicious. 

I also brought these: 

Bones and Blood

Garlic bread sticks and Marinara sauce. Also pretty yummy. 

It was a fun Halloween, and we didn't end up giving away the candy we brought to our party, so we get the "Child's Play Mix" all to ourselves. Maybe being old isn't so bad after all.


  1. Clever costumes. Also I looked back at last year's Simpsons costumes and forgot how awesome those were.

  2. Kristy your costumes are always so awesome!! I love it.

  3. These are my favorite! Good job, Laceys!

  4. I LOVE IT. So proud right now!

  5. Haha! I remember those chocolate boullion "treats"! Good times! Was your wrist brace part of the costume too? or have you been in another car accident lately ;) Some day in the future I promise to have a costume to rival one of yours. I've made it my life's mission.