Sunday, October 13, 2013

Earl Girl Reunion '13

Posted by Kristy

The truth is we haven't done many blog-worthy things lately. There has been a lot of rainy weather and television show catch-up going on. I should have taken a picture of the trees outside, though, because it is beautiful here in Bellevue: The leaves are gold and red, and it's gorgeous.

The most exciting thing in my recent life was attending the third Earl Girl Reunion. I'm fortunate to be old enough to have been able to attend all three reunions. The timing was perfect because that same weekend Trevor had his 10-year high school reunion that I was stoked so sad I couldn't attend. While we were planning the trip, I got a text from Trevor: "I got us a rental car... and it may or may not be a convertible." That guy. Yep, Trevor and I were cruising around Provo in this baby. 

So much better than a Yaris 

I know that many people aren't very close with their cousins, but I think of my cousins as siblings, and I love it. Yes, we're all alike because of our heritage and similar growing up experiences, but it's so cool that there's a huge group of people who all legitimately enjoy each other's company.

An Earl Girl Reunion isn't your typical get-together. Yes, there's the usual lots of talking, delicious food, and fun games, but Earls take it to a whole new level. When Trevor was preparing to go to my Earl Family reunion before we announced our engagement, he asked what it would be like. The best way I could describe it was:  "You know how at parties I can get a little loud when I'm telling a story or a joke, and I think I'm the funniest person in the room. Well, it's like that, but every person is like me."

Okay, maybe that's not completely true, but I can attest that when you get a bunch of Earl girls together in a room, it's going to be loud and crazy. So what happens at these reunions? How can we get people to fly in from a variety of places just to attend? Well, I'd love to give you a behind-the-scenes look at an Earl Girl Reunion, but unfortunately I'm sworn to secrecy, so the best I can do is show you lots of pictures. 

We're lucky to have such a big group that for food assignments, we give each family a meal and a day, and it all works out. Everyone made delicious food. I ate better that weekend than I have in a while. After we eat, we just hang out, talk and take a lot of pictures. 

Precious. Until Jules told me my head looks like it floating and now that's the old thing I see. 

I love this picture 

Such a great picture 

Not the greatest picture of Kylie or me, but I think it's funny we're making the same awkward face, and I'm feeding Jude like a champ. 

After we hang out for a bit, it's time for the group photo. This photo is a big deal because it will be on Grandma Earl's fridge for the next year. Here's our good-looking group. 

 We were told to each look at a different spot in the room.

America's Next Top Model anyone?

After pictures it's a lot of games, and laughter ensues. 

Did you guess squid? If so, you might be skilled enough to join this mayhem. 

It was a fantastic weekend. So much fun to meet my new nephew Jude and hang out with all of my family and extended family. I definitely dodged a bullet was sad I wasn't able to attend Trevor's reunion with him, but he enjoyed attending that and hanging out with his family.


  1. Epic. Kinda wish we were all still there...

  2. Earl Girl Reunions rule!! #scoutingadvantage