Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Gatsby Style

Posted by Kristy

Based on our latest posts, you might think that all we do in our spare time is attend costume parties. There might be some truth to that. Okay, maybe it's completely true. That's just because we have the greatest friends ever who like to throw theme parties.

Our latest was a birthday party for our friend, Summer. She had been talking about throwing a "Great Gatsby" party for the last two years, so now they finally did it. The invitation was fancy and said very bluntly "no admittance without proper Gatsby attire." With the help of my Aunt Julie and some donations from my landlady, we came up with this. Here's a breakdown of our costumes:

I found this gem for $14 at Ross. So perfect. 

When I mentioned I was going to a Great Gatsby, my landlady let me borrow all of this awesomeness. 

Just so you can see how fabulous these gloves were.

$7 at Ross. People said I should wear this hat every day. 

Trevor got ready too, but he was easy.  We just used his shirt from our wedding and a $2 bow-tie from Party City. Here we are in all of our splendor:

The party was fantastic. We had stuffed mushrooms, crackers and dip, and other yummy hors d'oeuvres.  

Only the finest sweets for our crowd

We also had martini glasses with grapes on stick instead of an olive. The bar was serving two different types of sparkling cider. We also had a roulette table and later we played croquet. Here are some of our friends in their finest. 

The DeCoursey's

The Rigtrups (the hosts). Loving the prom pose. 

The Paget's

    The Sandbergs. They were dressed as servants.

The Adams

The McKennas (Petersons)

We love having friends that not only throw fun parties but will get dressed up for them. 


  1. I totally left a comment on here yesterday and now its gone... whats up with that? It was well written too. Sad for all involved.

  2. I am just seeing this for the first time. Awesome costumes

  3. Ten bucks you googled how to spell hors d'oeuvres